Media Arts

empowering students with media tools to develop their creative voice and promote change


Screen Printing

The culmination of a project focused on entrepreneurship that began in November for students, was the printing and marketing of t-shirts that they designed several months ago. Students started out brainstorming their designs, then moved into Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create them. Before even doing the design, though, we discussed who our target markets would be and what kind of things they might like on a t-shirt. After learning about the process of screen printing, we chose a few designs based on some marketing feedback and the artists had a chance to print that design. Along the way, we've been tracking our expenses and profit in Excel and taking a look at how long it takes to turn a profit and other important aspects of being an entrepreneur. We'll continue to print and sell various designs, but the aim of this project was to show students how they can use their skills in the media arts to make money full time or on the side. 

Top Student photos from 1st Semester

For the last 18 week, students have been learning the craft of photography from adjusting lighting controls to carefully composing their shots and the collection below are some of the top student photos from that journey.

Fort Hayes Campus Photos

Throughout the last couple weeks, 7th grade students spent time walking around the Fort Hayes campus taking photos and did all the post production in Adobe Lightroom. From color adjustments, to cropping and straghtening out photos, 7th graders owned the whole process start to finish. 


Is that for real? The answer to that is up for debate and no doubt Media Arts students still cringe at the though of adding one more detailed shadows after it being so drilled into them. It sells the photo though and whether your being stepped on, levitating or flying above the city, the blending of reality and imagination was the topic of this unit. In addition to making visually interesting projects, students had a deeper social message attached to each photo.

Light Art Photography

Several weeks ago, AIMS photography students were studying how a slower shutter speed and light can yield some pretty cool results. By setting a 15 second shutter speed and adjusting our other light controls accordingly, our cameras recorded every light trail which produced the photos above. Can you look at the group shot and spot the other individual designs being recorded when Mr. C took that group shot?

Double Exposure

Double exposing photos is a practice that has existed for decades and that was the focus of this project while seeking to better understand composition and focal points in photography and the basics of masking in Photoshop. Students had to connect the overlaid photo in some way to an interest they have in order to make a deeper and more personal connection. All portraits and post production was completed by students. 


I'm Mr. Clemente and it's my joy every day to develop and encourage the next generation of young artists. My goal in this course whether we are learning about photography, graphic design, filmmaking or audio production is to use these media tools to empower students to share their voice about the world around them and to develop their creative voice. In addition to what I teach my own students, I partner with many of our academic teachers to integrate media arts into their classrooms.

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